To begin controlling the Norseman Resort camera, click “Start Control.” If somebody else is controlling the camera, you will be put in the queue and the green timer will count down to zero – until it is your turn. You will have a maximum of two minutes to control the camera (unless no one is waiting for the camera – then you can control it until someone else does). You can select any of the preset locations in the pull down menu beneath the image.

The slide bars around the picture window control left/right and up/down motion. The slide bar on the right is the zoom control (going up makes it zoom in – moving down zooms out). Click anywhere within the camera image to move the camera to that spot.

You can capture a still frame image of what you are looking at in the viewer by clicking the “camera” icon on the bottom left of the viewer window. If you are using the camera at night time, click the image of the “person and sun” icon just to the right of the viewer. This will cause the viewer to become brighter and more enjoyable at night.

Ogunquit Beach Webcam